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No Matter What Maintenance Your Roof Needs, We Can Help

Cost-Effective Services for Residential & Commercial Roofing

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Flashing Maintenance
  • Roof Caulking & Sealant
  • Ridge Point Capping
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Roofing Vent Replacement
  • Minor Leak Repair
  • Cracked or Missing Shingle Maintenance and Repair
  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Roof Resealing and Repainting
  • Gutter and Eavestrough Maintenance
  • Residential Flat Roofing Repairs

Find out how to make your roof safe and beautiful with a FREE roof inspection.

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Unsure whether or not your roof needs maintenance now? Find out with a FREE inspection.

Without years of experience in roofing, it’s impossible to know what your roof truly needs. However, we can help by conducting a FREE roof inspection—and providing a no-commitment estimate.

If you’re noticing signs of aging, excessive dirt/staining, interior leaks, missing tiles or shingles, higher than average heating bills, or it’s been more than 2 years since your last roof inspection, it’s time to find out what roof maintenance your home or business needs, before it’s too late.

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Avoid BIG repair bills later with cost-effective maintenance now.

The choice is yours: invest in smaller roof maintenance jobs now—like shingle repair, caulking and re-sealing flashings and ventilation, valley and gutter cleaning, hip and ridge cap repair, & full roof replacements!

A small leak or loose shingle now is a quick fix, but can lead to major water and wind damage later on, affecting your entire home or business. Plus, keeping your roof maintained and cleaned is a surefire way to boost its value and curb appeal, taking years off of any home or business.

That’s why Elevation Roofing & Restoration encourages Houston home and business owners to be proactive with cost-effective and property-improving maintenance now.

Schedule a FREE roof inspection now (a $399 value) and we’ll provide a no-commitment estimate for roof maintenance.